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I could never imagine that a pleasure journey would change my outlook on life.

Traveling to Africa is like a complete uplift, a cleansing experience of the mind and spirit. In my work I have never looked for sensational images, all I ever wanted was to photograph characters in their purest, to get inside their souls and capture some of what is inside all of us, nothing more than that. My goal was to create, through these images, the cruel reality that exist today not so far away from us in a world that has become smaller.

If looking of my work, you feel the same unforgettable emotions and intense sensations that I felt when taking the photos of these pure, humble and sincere people, then I would have achieved my aim.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank:   My family, for their understanding, my travelling companions for their patience, and all those people who help me on my charitable endeavours for their generosity.